The Platform

It's time to make Congressional District 5 "purple"

As the district and state changes, so too should its representation. Ryan will work with residents in the community to make sure all voices are heard, positions are considered, and meaningful change is realized! To do this, Ryan will be an actively engaged candidate and representative, discussing the issues with residents and taking positions that mirror the opinions of the district, broadly. When Conservatives and Liberals work together, we all win!


As a Healthcare CIO, Ryan has both the knowledge and wisdom to help navigate the changes in our government's approach to solving the healthcare issues of tomorrow.  Ryan has worked with major legacy healthcare organizations, existing payor systems, and startup solutions for healthcare to help bridge the market needs of our evolving healthcare system.

Weapons of Mass Disinformation

The greatest threat to our democracy is when the parties let politics impede our ability to move forward. The "gun debate" is one of the starkest contrasts as to how far apart our parties are. Ryan will work with all of the voices in CD5 to develop meaningful federal legislation to tackle the death toll on our children while respecting the rights of gun-owners.

Government Modernization

There are significant opportunities in producing a more effective government including the modernization and securing of our elections. While some in Congress want to ensure security with paper, Ryan would work to secure our elections with Blockchain technology and expand voting access to all citizens of the United States.

Economic Justice

The United States is the most powerful engine for wealth-creation in the world, yet we have very real disparities that need to be addressed. While some focus on pork-barrel spending to drive the economy, Ryan would tackle the underlying issues by focusing on smarter legislation including adjusting our tax code to streamline the IRS.


Between marijuana prohibition and for-profit prisons, our public justice system is critically broken. Ryan will work with both sides of the aisle to implement common-sense solutions that will improve the freedom of residents of CD5 and our nation.

Foreign Affairs, Military & Veterans

The United States has the best-trained and equipped military in the world, and CD5 is host to some of the best examples of that military. Ryan will work for the full-funding of Space Force in Colorado Springs while ensuring that our Veterans are given greater opportunities after discharge and leveraging our economic power in the world to decrease the deployment of our service-members overseas.

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